Wellness coaching

Making the changes necessary to support your health can be challenging - making them last can be even more difficult. 

At Decades of Health, we support our client’s to achieve optimal wellness by finding balance across the many aspects and areas of life.  It's not just what you eat that makes you healthy – other key factors include how you handle stress, how you move your body, your relationships, environmental toxins, and the “stories” you tell yourself are all part of your total wellness picture.

Starting with your first session, identify the habits you need to shift in order to achieve optimum wellness.  Then, we will work with you to develop a simple plan to get you where you want to be.  Along the way, discover your negative triggers, how to handle food cravings, and what's really going on if you get stuck or find yourself plateauing.

Let us help you design a personalized plan that suits your lifestyle.  Stop focusing on calories and instead learn how to improve your diet, use food as medicine, avoid inflammatory foods, and include more nutrient-dense meals.  Get moving in ways that are pleasurable to you, incorporate mind-body practices to ease stress and restore your sleep patterns.

If you're looking to support your health with supplements, we can tailor recommendations to your specific situation as well as refer you to alternative modalities of healing as needed. 

Everybody is unique.  At Decades of Health we want to make sure you are enjoying optimal wellness no matter your age!