Thanks so much for all your advice and encouragement.  

Although I didn't write in my food/mood diary most days I was aware of my food in-take and continue to make healthy choices. By the 3rd week I had eliminated my afternoon coffee and after dinner/dessert cravings.

I eat more salads for lunch and have increased my weekly runs (last night I ran for 52 minutes).

Thanks for the framework to keep going on a healthier path!

P.S.  I lost 5 lbs. and my stomach/wait line is 38.5 inches (down from 40” and 220lbs)!!!

-Greg J.

Thank you for sharing your nutrition and fitness pearls of wisdom with me. 

I know I have slacked off on submitting my food journals, but I have done really well the last few days.  I forgot to weigh myself this morning, so I will have to do so tomorrow morning. I know I didn’t win the challenge, but I feel good about this journey experience and the lessons learned.

Listed below are some changes I have incorporated since the challenge began:

  •  I drink hot water with lemon daily
  •  I no longer buy any canned food items.
  •  I use a microwave only 2-5% per week.  Before I was using it 95%.
  •  I am being more conscious and focused on slowing down during my meals.
  •  I exercise for 45 minutes at least 3 times per week.
  •  I have looked into a Yoga center and will begin taking one Hatha class per week starting next Monday.

Here are changes I still plan to make:

  •   Meditate daily
  •   Exercise for 30 minutes daily
  •  Continue one day at a time, following my food plan

Thanks again,

-Bonnie M.

Thank you again for everything!

Our team and I really enjoyed this process and have learned so much. You are great at what you do and you make the whole process fun and engaging. It was a pleasure having you on board these past six months. We'll miss you!

-Olivia L.

Working with Margaret has been a transformational experience for every member of our family. 

We have eliminated processed foods, embraced eating organic whenever possible, and have experimented with and experienced wonderful things as a direct result of her insight and encouragement.  I recently completed a 3 day juice cleanse – something I never thought I was capable of – with ease and enjoyment!  My husband has taken up yoga and as a result is significantly more at peace and reaping the benefits of lower blood pressure and less medication!  Our daughter is launching off to college this fall and she has already enrolled in a course on health and wellness as a result of Margaret’s positive influence.  We are so grateful to have brought her into our life and recommend her to any family looking to live better, longer, and sweeter!

-Patricia H., Cambridge, NY

I began working with Margaret at a time in my life when I had low energy and was not happy with my weight.

It was quite clear during our initial discussions that she was passionate about her work and very easy to talk to; non-judgmental and yet very informative with regards to things that we do on a regular basis that sabotage our health.

Margaret is an excellent cheerleader providing recommendations to help me succeed; pep talks, wheatgrass, meal directions, encouragement…all part of what helped me accomplish my goals. She always talked about the next step…changing habits to help maintain what we had worked so hard to do.

In addition to providing her expert health coaching, Margaret also had connections within her network to help remedy and improve upon all types of health issues. Her referrals for chiropractic and acupuncture care helped relieve acute recurring back pain when I needed it most!

This year I will turn 50! I am 60 pounds lighter, eating organic foods, and understand that maintaining optimal health is the #1 key to enjoying the next 50 years. Thank you Margaret forchanging my outlook on health and for the positive impact you have had on my life!

-D. Roberts, Long Island, NY

When I started my work with Margaret I was recently engaged and interested in losing weight and improving the quality of my skin in preparation for my wedding.

Shortly after we started our work together, I tore my meniscus. I was distraught and depressed, convinced that I would only gain weight given my inability to exercise. Thankfully, Margaret showed me new ways to cope and manage my emotions during this challenging time. I learned to eat better, focusing on greens, small portions of whole grains and lean protein. My cravings for sugar waned; I lost my appetite for red meat and reduced my alcohol consumption. After four weeks I had lost 7 pounds despite my knee injury and limited ability to exercise! I also took up daily meditation, allowing myself the time and space to just focus on me and be thankful for everything that was going right in my life. Today I am in the thick of planning my wedding. Using the tools Margaret has taught me I take a positive approach to living, have changed my relationship with food, and am looking forward to starting an exercise program again!

-R. Smith, Staten Island, NY