Salad in a Jar

Salad in a Jar – Layering Instructions

  • BOTTOM - dressing/liquid
  • Next, heavy ingredients that hold up well when submerged in dressing like beans, cucumbers, radishes, or onion…
  • Then, heavy items that you may not want directly touching the dressing when stored like chicken or cheese…
  • Add, leafy greens/light ingredients that take up a lot of space - spinach, kale, chard, arugula..
  • Almost there…place a  small amount of heavy accent items - nuts, seeds, dried fruit, croutons, accent spices
  • TOP - colorful ingredients to perk up your taste buds when you pop open the jar - fruit, edible flowers, herbs..

*Whole grains or gluten free pasta are nice add ins.  We suggest you place them on top of the plentiful salad.  This way, they will help weight down the salad without getting soggy in the dressing.

There are no exact rules to making these colorful lunchables…just let your taste buds and creatively take over!