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Testosterone is associated with "manhood" and it does indeed play a large role in male sexuality and reproduction while also impacting muscle mass, and hair growth as well as supporting bone density, healthy levels of red blood cells and a general sense of well-being.

Beginning around age 30, a man's testosterone levels begin to decline, and continue to do so as he ages.  So what can you do to boost and maintain healthy levels of testosterone, naturally?  Read on!

Sensational Six Testosterone Building Tips:
  1. Lose excess weight - Overweight men are more likely to have low testosterone (low T).  Cut out sugar, soda and processed foods while limiting amounts of fruit and “healthy” sweeteners like agave, stevia, honey or maple syrup.  You will also want to curb your appetite for grains and opt to get the majority of your carbs from green and cruciferous veggies – you’re body loves these!  Finally, fill up on healthy fats like olive oil, coconut oil, avocados and raw nuts.
  2. Practice intermittent fasting - This practice boosts testosterone by , “increasing the expression of satiety hormones including insulin, leptin, adiponectin, glucagon-like peptide-1 (GLP-1), colecystokinin (CKK) and melanocortins, all of which are known to potentiate healthy testosterone actions, increase libido and prevent age-related testosterone decline.” (Dr. Mercola)
  3. Get moving!  Exercise, especially short, intense bursts of exercise which have a proven positive effect on increasing testosterone levels and preventing their decline.  Try the following routine:
  4. Warm up for three minutes
  5. Exercise as hard and fast as you can for 30 seconds
  6. Recover at a slow to moderate pace for 90 seconds
  7. Repeat the high intensity exercise and recovery 7 more times
This workout will only take you 20 minutes – a more than reasonable amount of time to dedicate to our health each day. 
  1.  Consume Plenty of Zinc.  Your diet is the best source of zinc and you will find it in the following foods:
  2. Grass fed meat
  3. Wild sources of fish
  4. Raw milk & cheeses
  5. Beans
  6. Yogurt or kefir made from raw milk
If you're a vegetarian it can be difficult to procure zinc from your diet therefore it is recommended that you supplement.  We recommend the following Zinc supplement.
  1. Optimize Your Vitamin D Levels.  Vitamin D boosts levels of testosterone, increasing libido and supporting the healthy development of sperm cells.  Unfortunately, vitamin D deficiency is currently at epidemic proportions in the United States and many other regions around the world, largely because people do not spend enough time in the sun to facilitate this important process of vitamin D production.  Therefore, the first step to ensuring you are receiving all the benefits of vitamin D is to find out what your levels are.  Optimal Vitamin D level ranges between 50-70 ng/ml.
At a minimum, take a Vitamin D supplement.  5000 IU’s/day is the minimum dosage needed in order to elevate your levels to where they need to be.
  1. Reduce Stress.  Since we all live in the modern world we understand that stress is a reality. However, if we don’t manage our stress then it will become chronic turning our bodies into cortisol producing machines and for men, blocking the positive effects of their testosterone.  Therefore, it is so important to take steps each day to manage stress.  Here are a few simple methods to try:
  2. Practice EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)
  3. Schedule a weekly appointment with an acupuncturist, massage therapist or other alternative care practitioner.
  4. Practice yoga
  5. Meditate
If you would like to learn more about how to improve your testosterone levels please contact me to schedule a private consultation.  One conversation could change your life!

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