No Tech Sunday

Yesterday was the first time in sometime that I put away my trustee Blackberry, powered off my laptop and basked in the relaxing state of being technology free for an entire day!

OK – so I did listen to the radio and watch a little TV – perhaps technology free is not really the right phrase to use. But at the very least I was intentionally disconnected from my multiple email accounts, Facebook, LinkedIn, and surfing the Internet.

Here is what happened to me during my “TECH FREE” Sunday:

Upon rising I did not reach for the blackberry on the nightstand. Instead, I took my time waking up, stretched, looked out at the view from my window and quietly went downstairs to feed Daisy (our most favorite doggie in the world) and putter mindlessly through the kitchen.

Then I took a short drive to get the Sunday papers (we read The NY Times, The NY Post, The Berkshire Eagle, and The Eastwick Press) but rather than head straight home I stopped to see my friend and neighbor for a leisurely cup of coffee and some good girl gossip!

From there the day unfolded at a slower pace and I found myself being more present in mind and body for each activity than I would have had my blackberry been in my pocket tempting me to read the latest news headlines or Facebook status updates from friends living far and wide.

I spent a few hours lying next to my husband under an umbrella by the pool just reading. Quiet, uninterrupted reading of a novel that has now captured my attention and is sitting beside my bed as I write this, tempting me to crawl back in and read some more.

We took a long drive with the top down, bought some more organic vegetable plants for our garden and planted them while playing in the yard with Daisy after the late day sun had started to dwindle.

My husband and I had a simple dinner on the porch before taking Daisy for her last stroll of the day. We were in bed early and both asleep faster than you can say, “counting sheep”. It was truly a slow paced, delicious Sunday.

I often teach my clients the importance of disconnecting and giving themselves the time they need to recharge and rejuvenate. Yesterday was a heavenly example of how much I need to give myself the gift of “no tech time”.

I am so grateful for the gifts of yesterday and for having the complete presence of mind and body to enjoy them. Next Sunday you can leave a message – but don’t expect a reply until Monday!

Have a beautiful week…