Lifestyle Medicine

Last day of the Integrative Practitioner’s conference here in sunny SoCal. I have connected with new friends, all of whom are like-minded holistic or functional medicine practitioners. It has been an enlightening experience, fun and relaxing yet also very sad to see how poorly the world population is doing in caring for its health, and scary to know that if we continue down the road we are on we will not have the money or professionals to care for our growing population of chronically ill patients.

The explosion of chronic disease in this country and around the globe is at crisis level and can no longer be remedied by a “pill for the ill” (not that it ever could).   According to Dr. Mark Hyman, a functional medicine practitioner, New York Times bestselling author, internationally recognized leader in his field, and one of my most favorite people, in his recent article for the Huffington Post, “Certain facts are clear.  Lifestyle-induced chronic disease is on the rise, and accounts for nearly 80 percent of our health care costs.  Nearly 70 percent of our population is overweight or obese.  Almost 1 in 4 teenagers have pre-diabetes or Type 2 diabetes, up from only 9 percent in 2000 and almost zero in 1960. Most chronic disease is best prevented and even treated with lifestyle medicine and a systems approach to disease. By 2042, 100 percent of our federal budget will be needed to pay for Medicare and Medicaid.  Today, 1 in 3 Medicare dollars is spent on Type 2 diabetes.  This is unsustainable.”

The SOLUTION, the best and easiest path will be “lifestyle medicine”.  The DofH approach to “lifestyle medicine” is simple:

  • A return and focus to a whole foods diet, tailored for each clients bioindividuality
  • Daily movement and exercise in any form
  • Mind-Body Practices such as meditation and breath work to manage stress
  • Supplementation to support the whole foods diet and fill the gaps due to environmental deficiencies and external toxins
  • Alternative therapies such as homeopathy, acupuncture, massage and energy work to help in bringing the body back into balance – and feel wonderful!
  • VITAMIN L!  LOVE!!  Sharing LOVE with family, friends and creating community that supports your values of health and wellness – Remember, you are what your friends eat – this is especially true for spouses!