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Happy Monday and happy first day of February 2016!  I hope this will be a month full of all the love St. Valentine has to give – whether it is love between soul mates, lovers, friends, family members or self-love, let LOVE be your guide!

I spent January engaged in some self-love of my own.  It was truly a time for inward gazing, self-care and renewal.  For starters, I have been off social media for just about 30 days (thank goodness for scheduled posts otherwise my Decades of Health social media pages would be blank!).  On hiatus I recaptured a lot of time and focus.  My morning routine never included looking at my smart phone.  Instead, I spent my early mornings quietly preparing, listening to my own thoughts and inspirations for the day.  What a difference!  I may have to stick to this change a little longer…

I also completed the 14 day Paleo Cleanse.  This cleanse is one of my favorites as I find it super easy to stick to.  It also helped me lose that holiday bloat from too many desserts and cocktail parties, reclaim my energy and reset my sleep pattern.  I stayed focused on covering half of my plate with veggies, kicking up my intake of healthy fats and enjoying moderate amounts of reliably sourced animal protein like grass fed beef, pasture raised pork and organic chicken.  I can honestly say that I am not missing those empty, starchy carbs and processed sugar and it feels wonderful!

Yoga has become a daily practice.  When I don’t have time to make a class at the studio I have discovered a few practitioners on-line that challenge me from the comfort of my living room.  I’m also walking a lot more.  Even on the bitter cold days of winter I make sure to dress in layers, bundle up and get moving…It can be exhilarating!

How is your 2016 shaping up?  Did you make some small shifts in your health habits that you have been able to keep?  Are you still looking to shake things up or maybe you want my support taking action and making lasting change?! 

Contact me to schedule your initial consult.  I look forward to hearing from you and working with you! 

Health, wealth, wisdom & happiness…