Decisions, decisions…sometimes we are faced with so many or one really big one that it leaves us with INDECISION! And…indecision is one of the most debilitating, stressful states of being we can find ourselves in.
Recently I found myself suffering from a prolonged state of indecision due to a career choice. On the one hand was the path toward large monetary reward coupled with enormous stress, pressure, time poverty, and the likelihood of compromising my health. On the other hand was the path of doing what I love, helping others regain balance in their lives through food, movement, and meditation. Could I have used the money? OF COURSE! We all can…however…after much debate and discussions with family, friends, colleagues, mentors, the florist, my dog walker, the guy who owns the pizza place on the corner (you get where I’m going here?) I found the only person who knew how to deal with the indecision and take charge and make a decision was ME.
How did I get from a place of INDECISION to making a DECISION? It was not easy…as I mentioned I talked the pros of cons of each path with everyone and anyone who would listen. I found that this just added to my indecision. I took long walks and talked to myself and looked for signs of what to do – but no birdie landed on my shoulder and I didn’t hear the voice of God speaking to me through the clouds. Thankfully, with the help and wisdom of my own Holistic Health Counselor, I was able to put everything into perspective, listen to my own inner wisdom, follow my internal compass, and deliver a decision that I was happy to stand strong with.
What I learned was that we each have an instinctive voice. It is not audible but rather speaks to us through our guts and comes through in our facial expression. When I thought of taking the path of monetary reward I felt nauseous. When I spoke of accepting that path my face became contorted. When I thought of continuing in my path helping others I felt light, I smiled The right choice for me was there all along but I needed to trust my instincts so I would have the courage to make a decision.
Letting down those that had put such a sweet monetary deal before me was not the most comfortable conversation, but, I left the door open for future dealings together and who knows? Maybe one day soon those same people will be my clients and I will revel in providing them with the keys to regaining their balance.
How did I feel when all this INDECISION was over??? RELIEVED! I was happy, I was smiling again, I had a great big toothy grin and when I saw my reflection in the mirror it made me laugh out loud at how free I was.
Now onward and upward! There is lots of business for me to do, people to help, bridges to cross and information to gobble up as I continue to bring my talent as a Holistic Health Coach to the world.
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