Hey guys.... how's your sex drive?

Television bombards us with commercials for Cialis, Viagra and other drugs meant to help men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The men and women featured in the commercials look to be anywhere from late 40’s to late 60’s – all good looking, smiling, subtly flirting whilst preparing eggs in the kitchen or riding dreamily in a Venetian Gondola…A pretty picture that does little to address this unfortunate condition suffered by many American men.

The truth is sex drive can be improved without the help of prescription pills. Sex is a natural activity and so can be improved using natural means and methods. With my own male clients, anywhere from ages 30-60, I hear a lot of complaints about feeling sexy and their desire to regain their sexual energy. Here are the Decades of Health top three recommendations – proven to work!

Diet – #1! Plant based diet full of glorious greens, fruits, small portions of whole grains, and limited amounts of lean protein. Stay away from sugar and processed foods. Your waistline will thank you and your sex energy (and organ) will soar!
Exercise – Break a sweat for at least 30 minutes each day. This increases testosterone production and will have you doing more sweating between the sheets later.
Sleep – 7-9 hours a night period. Give your body the chance to recovery the damage caused during the day from stress.

There are other secrets I know to supplement these three basics including, natural vitamins, herbs, tonics and creams and for those men who take the risk to openly discuss their concerns the rewards are life changing and great!

Some men’s erectile issues will require a prescription medication and for them it is a relief that modern medicine can provide that special little blue pill, however, before you, “ask your doctor if Cialis is right for you”, why not follow our proven methods and see what nature can do for you?