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In my discussions with friends, family and clients I sometimes hear some very interesting perspectives and approaches to staying slim throughout the holidays.  Some of my favorites include:

"I'm going to starve myself for the next two weeks...I'll lose 10 pounds and then be able to eat whatever I want all the way up to NYE".  Starvation is NEVER a good messes with your metabolism and deprives your body of the nutrients it needs to survive.  You'll also wind up losing precious muscle mass.  Plus, by the time you start gorging yourself on all those tasty holiday treats your body will crave twice as much and you will risk adding on more weight that where you started from before you starved yourself.

"I'm switching from wine to martinis because I can drink as many as I want without gaining a pound".  Sorry my booze bag pal...this statement is entirely false.  Wine contains roughly 100 calories per 4 oz glass (and when was the last time you poured yourself only 4 oz.?).  Spirits on the other hand have roughly 105 calories per serving and although they contain zero carbs, indulging in either of these alcoholic delights will only exacerbate weight gain .

"I'm just going to enjoy myself and eat everything I want.  Maybe I'll gain a few lbs. come 2015 but then I'll just do a cleanse."  Yo-yo dieting like this results in an average of 11 pounds of weight gain each year (thank you Dr. Mark Hyman).

This year I want you to continue to improve your nutrition and health habits through the holiday season.  In this way you can enjoy time spent with family and friends and start off 2015 off feeling good and looking great!

Remember Michael Pollen's words to live by when choosing what to eat, "Eat Food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants" and then use my following tips for keeping it together this holiday season:

  • One Juice a Day – having one green juice each day is the perfect trick for adding in micro nutrients to keep your body well-nourished and stave off cravings.  I like to make mine at home when I can but when I am looking for a convenience I also stop by Juice Press, Organic Ave. or pick up an Evolution Fresh Juice from the health food store or inside Starbucks.
  • Move Everyday – Doesn’t matter how you move just MOVE!  30 minutes of brisk walking, taking the stairs, squats while brushing your teeth (I have a former corporate client to thank for that one), rebounding, sit-ups and pushups in front of the TV, yoga class with a friend or hire a trainer to motivate your ass! 
  • Order a “Mocktail” Instead of a Cocktail – That glass of burgundy or ice cold martini looks very enticing but it is sabotaging your waistline.  This season opt for seltzer with lime at the networking and social events you attend and reserve your cocktails for Saturday nights.  You CAN do it!
  • Dessert Wisely – Order something to share and have one bite each – that act alone is even more decadent than the richest chocolate cake!  Skip the sugary morning and afternoon spread at the office and nourish your body with a piece of fruit instead.  I am a big fan of sweets but I also know they are just empty calories designed to wreak havoc on my system so proceed with caution.
  • Get your Zzzzzzzzzzssss – Sleep is probably the most important thing you can do for your body during holiday season.  Make it a point to wind down sans technology at least one hour before bed.  Also, go to bed at roughly the same time each night.  You can also try my Recipe for Great Night’s Sleep.  But, if you must stay up and party hardy until 4 AM here are some great resources for how to survive that sleepless night from Men’s Health UK.

Would you like more support heading into this holiday season?  I'm here for you!  Check out my available coaching packages, corporate programs, or in-home cooking classes - just click here.

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