Food Shopping 101

The weekend is here and that means Saturday morning errands including food shopping.  So I ask you, what’s your style when shopping the grocery store?   Do you go in with a list of your usual favorites and get out as quickly as possible?  Do you peruse the aisles choosing items with the lowest prices??  Or are you an avid label reader only putting whole foods and clean foods in your cart for the week??? 

Regardless of how you tackle your grocery shopping it goes without saying that the perimeter of the store is where you should focus your attention.  The perimeter is where the fresh and unprocessed foods are found including:

  • Veggies & Fruit – Choose locally grown, in season or organic whenever possible
  • Meat, poultry and seafood – Ideally grass-fed, pasture raised & wild
  • Dairy products - Look for cheeses cultured from raw milk and naturally fermented yogurt
  • Eggs – Organic and hormone free these are truly one of nature’s most perfect foods

There are also some good items tucked away in the middle aisles:

  • Beans (opt for dried instead of canned)
  • Brown rice, buckwheat, millet & amaranth
  • Coconut, almond and other unprocessed alternative flours
  • Tea
  • Nuts & seeds
  • Dark chocolate (yum!)
  • Packaged seafood like wild tuna and sardines
  • Natural sweeteners honey and maple syrup
  • Healthy Fats – Coconut oil, olive oil, other nut oils
  • Apple Cider Vinegar – Always choose the one that says “With The Mother” to ensure maximum healing properties

By choosing to focus on these items you will create an environment of healthful eating at home and increase your ability to shed excess weight and improve your overall health and the health of your family.

Before you head out to the farmers market, grocery or health food store this weekend consider picking up the ingredients you will need to make some of my favorite recipes:

Happy shopping and have a wonderful weekend!

Health, wealth, wisdom & happiness…