Eating Out?


My focus right now continues to be “keeping it together” throughout the holidays.  With that in mind, here are some more useful tips and tricks specifically designed to help you make smart choices when dining out or grabbing food on the go:

  1.  Smaller portions – order the smallest available serving whenever you can and then eat half of it and take other half home to enjoy later. 
  2. Order a green salad to start off your meal and ask for olive oil and vinegar or fresh lemon and dress it yourself.
  3. Split an entrees with your dining partner.  They are usually oversized anyway!
  4. If your meal comes with side dishes opt for veggies every time and skip the starchy carbs.
  5. Refuse bread – the moment you let it hit the table you’re “toast”!
  6. Eat whole fruits as your snack of choice.
  7. Eliminate sodas, sports drinks, sweet teas and other sugary beverages and opt for water or sparkling water everytime with refreshing, alkalizing lemon everytime.
  8. Eliminate processed meats and cheese – like bacon, deli meat and cheese slices – yuck! 
  9. Ask for your meal to prepared without salt – restaurant dishes are salted three times on average as they change hands during the prep process in the kitchen. 
  10. Request your meat and fish be baked, grilled or broiled and order the sauce, “on the side” a la Sally in When Harry Met Sally.
  11. Choose broth based soup vs. creamy soups.
  12. Do your research and find restaurants and take out places that provide organic, local whole foods.   They are easier to find that you might think!  Clean Plates offers a great resource for finding them too.

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