Eat Well - For Those With No Time...

In my last email I gave you Grocery Shopping 101 with tips for navigating this weekly chore with ease and some recipes to experiment with too!  This week I am adding on by providing you with my Top 7 Ways to Eat Well For People With No Time.   The title speaks for itself and this guy above should definitely read on...

Washed salad and sauté greens.   You are much more likely to put a salad together or sauté greens in a pan with garlic and oil if they are washed and ready to go!

Chopped veggies and ready fruits.  Load up your refrigerator with healthy fruits and veggies that are washed, cut and ready to eat.  Broccoli, cauliflower, celery, carrots, peppers are all examples of hearty veggies that will keep their crunch for several days after cutting.  Wash and store apples, frozen grapes (such a sweet and tasty treat!) or easy to peel and run bananas and clementines too.

Frozen fruits and veggies.  Organic frozen fruits and veggies are preserved at the peak of ripeness making them a great way to infuse your plate with nutrients quickly and effectively.  Tear open a bag of frozen veggies and steam in minutes or add a few pieces of frozen fruit to your AM smoothie and sweeten the day.

Cooked whole grains like quinoa, barley, wheat berries or faro. Whole grains take longer to cook than refined grains like white rice, so it's a good idea to double or triple the batch when you make some.  I prefer to cook mine in bone broth to enhance the flavor and increase the nutrient value.  Use these grains to compliment a nutritious dinner or add heft and depth to a salad throughout the week.

Nut butters.   Whether almond, cashew peanut or otherwise, nut butters are full of protein and healthy fats.  They make an awesome snack on celery sticks or apple slices and can be added to smoothies for a nutrient dense punch.

Hard-boiled eggs. Best, quickest protein-filled snack ever.  These make great salad toppers too.  A hard-boiled egg is always happy to travel along with you wherever you go.

Condiments.  Want to take your salad dressing to a new level.  Try a tahini based dressing.  Or make your own salsas to serve with eggs, and spicy hummus to dress your grass fed burger.  Gluten free tamari is a great way to add a healthy Asian flair to steamed veggies with cooked whole grains.  There is so much more to flavoring your food outside of ketchup and mustard!

Want more help setting up your healthy kitchen?  Contact me to schedule a Pantry Purge! 

Health, wealth, wisdom & happiness…