Beyond Diet & Exercise

Beyond Diet & Exercise

I believe that diet and exercise are the cornerstones to good health; however, I don’t stop there.  I also have several health habits and routines I follow to keep myself feeling and looking my best.  In addition, I utilize the support of different alternative practitioners when necessary as a preventive measure against fatigue, illness, stress, and long term – disease. 
My clients benefit directly from my years of experimenting with different approaches to health and now I would like to share with you a peek into the routines, regimens and gurus I depend on to maintain  optimal wellness – as I age!

AM Routine
After waking and using the little girls’ room I immediately jump back into bed for a solid 15-30 minutes of guided meditation.  Currently I am taking advantage of the 21-Day Meditation Challenge courtesy of Oprah & Deepak.  The beauty of meditation is that is can be done anytime, anywhere.  The benefit of meditation is a restored sense of calm, regeneration of the body on a cellular level, and a better handle on outside stressors and toxins that come at us from everywhere each day.
Once meditation is over I grab a spoonful of raw, organic coconut oil and commence my ritual of
“oil pulling” for 10-20 minutes.  During my swish time I also tidy up the house, make the bed, feed the dog, check email and plan out the rest of my day. 
Once I discard the swished coconut oil I brush (with chemical free toothpaste), floss (with all natural floss), and rinse with hydrogen peroxide. 
Then I get my digestive juices flowing with a shot of raw, fermented
sauerkraut juice and a cup of warm water with fresh squeezed organic lemon.  Sound gross?  Don’t knock it until you try it and feel the effects of bathing your digestive tract with the good bacteria your body needs, not to mention laying an alkaline foundation to combat the stress and toxins experienced in the day ahead.

Preventive Care & Pampering
Because I am a “go go go” type A who is also a natural care giver and people pleaser it is so important for me to take time to slow down and allow myself to be pampered and cared for too.  That said, I maintain bi-weekly appointments with an acupuncturist.  I have relationships with several due to my travel between NYC & Berkshires and I also recently had some fabulous treatments while in the Hamptons.  Here is a list and shout out to my favorite practitioners:

Roberta Mittman – NYC
Sarah Gamble – NYC
Regina Touhey Serkin – Berkshires
Lauren Matzen – Southampton
I also believe in the power of human touch and although a 90 minute massage is wonderful it is also great to have a 20 minute chair massage or reflexology session on particularly stressful days when a mini break is most needed but time is fleeting. 
On and off I also work with a wonderful
chiropractor here in NYC…I can feel my chakras open with every crack of the musculoskeletal system!
Restorative Rest

Last yet probably most important…I rest.  Sleep and downtime are essential to maintaining good health and to slowing down the aging process.  A few rules of thumb I follow to ensure I get the restorative rest I need include:

  • 20 Minute afternoon naps (a luxury I afford myself when possible)
  • Shutting off all technology at least one hour before bed - In fact, setting aside technology for an evening or an entire weekend allows me time to expand my creative mind, connect with my loved ones and decompress from the stress and strain of modern life. 
  • No caffeine after 3 PM
  • Using melatonin during times when I have trouble falling asleep and/or staying asleep due to stress, travel, change in routine etc...
  • Reading, journaling or performing deep breathing exercises to wind down and prepare my body for restorative rest

Would you like support creating your own postive health habits? 

Take advantage of my special "Fall Into Health" Complimentary Coaching Session and stay on the path to optimal welless at every age!