Beauty Starts in the Kitchen

Beautiful Skin Starts in the Kitchen...We understand the value of feeding our bodies beautiful, fresh, organic foods. We know about toxic cleaning products and have adapted by stocking our homes with all natural and homemade cleaners. But have we examined the products we are using on our skin? Read the labels…you’ll find a list of ingredients you can’t pronounce and your body doesn’t want!

Skin is our largest organ and absorbs everything we apply on it into the blood stream. So…if you are rubbing chemical based lotions on to the skin…the toxins will wind up in your body. Since we know how to feed our body and keep our environment chemical free…let’s treat our skin naturally with foods found right in our kitchens:


Your hands reveal your true age. Keep them smooth and young with a simple homemade salve: Mix avocado with egg white, juice of your favorite citrus fruit, and oats. Massage the mixture onto hands and leave on for up to 20 minutes before rinsing and revealing soft luxurious skin.

Coconut Oil
I keep a jar in the kitchen and the bathroom. Applied topically this wonder food is a terrific moisturizer, hair conditioner and ointment for mild skin irritations.

Argan Oil
Relieves psoriasis and fixes split ends. Mix with sunflower oil to create an anti-aging serum or grapeseed oil to treat acne.

Well known for getting rid of under-eye bags cucumbers also make a cooling toner for skin: Mix cucumber, witch hazel, and distilled water in a blender and apply with a cotton ball.

Kiwis are loaded with vitamin C and alpha hydroxyl fruit acids. For a mask: Mix kiwi with plain yogurt, orange juice, and coconut or argan oil – apply for 10-15 min. and wash away revealing bright and glowing skin!

A comfort food that also comforts the skin! Mix ground oats into a hot bath to soak and soothe irritated skin. Combine rough cut oats with the juice of a citrus fruit for a facial scrub or mix ground oats with warm water, lemon and honey for a skin calming facial mask.

This natural healer can reduce skin inflammation, promote blood circulation, release toxins and exfoliate the skin. Try this recipe for an in home spa treatment: Add 1C natural salts to bath, a few drops of your favorite essential oil for aromatherapy, light a few candles, turn down the lights and soak while sipping a cup of hot herbal tea – aaahhh!

Mixed with coconut oil this common kitchen ingredient makes an unbelievable exfoliator for face and body.

What are your favorite all-natural beauty products?

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